With the technological advancements in employee representative management, many companies need to migrate to the online stub creator instead of handling paper pay stubs. Pay Check Stubs eases out the process of making and sending an email to each employee. The Company can set up a secure mail system for its employee and send pay stub notifications to each employee so the employee can check their pay stub at their own convenient time. If you are a small business owner, you might have noticed that one of the common issues you face is providing income proof while applying for any kind of credit. Mainly small business owners tend to operate on a cash basis because it is very tough to get a loan due to a lack of enough salary evidence.

While for many years pay stubs were written by the hands of the organization’s accountant, which is no longer necessary depending on the type of accounting software used currently by an organization. You can create the best Check Stub Maker with the help of stub creator. Working with Stub creator is very easy, simple, and seamless. Once you start creating online pay stubs, you can easily generate employee check pay stubs within minutes of entering basic information. This generated paycheck stub will be ready to view, print and download.